Saturday, 19 April 2008

JCO DONUTS - The hype

Short Short Note: This is a short post away from the Japan posting.

Sugar Glazed

So everyone was raving about it. (Again i am trying new fonts- blogger please give me nicer choice of fonts ) And i decided to try it. I had colleagues who were willing to queue and hour for these round thingy. One day, while at Sunway Pyramid - i saw - there was no queue!! So i mosey over to the JCO donut shop to pick 4 donuts for me to try. 4 donuts for 1 person? No lah i got my brother into the trying as well. Only he and i are donut crazy.

I was looking for the normal sugar dusted kind but they had everything except that. So i picked 2 sugar glazed and 1 tiramisu and 1 blueberry. ( Almost spelled it as Burberry -hint).

I took the tiramisu one and i was sorely disappointed. Firstly, it was damn freaking sweet. To a point my hair stood up. Literally. Ok, i am exaggerating. But it was sweet and i hated the cream filling inside. Even though i love sweet stuff this was WAY too much for me. Pastry wise it is not fluffy. I suspect this is not the yeast based doughnut but rather what my mom says baking powder version. (Wah - she expert leh ). And, the filling. Let's say i felt so full that day i could not stomach any more creamy stuff.

Have you all eaten the San Francisco Coffee or Starbucks version? Now that is doughnut. Fluffy texture is what i like.

Lil Bro said the Blueberry version is not so bad because of the tangy nature of the fruit mixed with the sugar. He finished the two Sugar Glazed later. I was not too impressed to even try the Sugar Glazed.

Anyway, this is just my opinion on the doughnut. I know a lot of people like this place and probably i will get bricks thrown my direction for this - LOL. Well, the less i eat this, i won't put the fat in me.

No need for addresses or location of this place, JCO can now be found in most major shopping centers. I hope when Krispy Kreme comes - it's not like this. :P Maybe i will get to know in July when i head over to Sydney for Cousin's wedding.


  1. Oi ... you didn't try the mochacinno donut. .. that was yum!!! Heaps better than the Big Apple version... seriously!! Go try that one and get back to me!

    If you're going to be in Sydney - are you coming to Melbourne too???????????????????????? :)

  2. Sure or not - i feel i got conned by doughnuts recently. i am only in Sydney from 3rd to 6th - 5th is the wedding :P might call you to chat thought. Could not take too long a leave it is a very swift visit with the family

  3. call me?? Hahaha...

    Use the Maxis Value IDD - 20sen per minute (to landline) is cheaper than you calling me from Sydney lah ...

    Re - donuts again.
    Really, try the J-Co donuts for mochacinno ... they're awesome. :) Daniel loves the Dunkin Donuts though ... he was having them almost everyday when we were in KL. ;) Very strange, hehehe.



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