Wednesday, 23 April 2008

A haunting...........

Today, it is not a food blog post... it is about something spooky i heard happen to one of my offices and one of our colleagues. My company has offices over in TPM/KL Sentral/ KL and parts of PJ. TPM is our central point of testing and where my vendor sits. This place is no stranger to scary stories and reported hauntings but this is the first time someone clearly describe the incident. It even got spooked out.

We used to share a car park with a certain "pay tv" provider. However, they decided they wanted back their car park and had to move most people to a car park further away. AND this car park was DARK. Not lighted and not very safe in my opinion. About a week and a 1/2 ago, a group of them decided to walk back together to the car. This unlucky girl, got into her car, noticed that her car window was foggy and turned on her wiper.

LOL and behold, there was an apparition appeared in front of her car. Typical with the long hair, white clothing. What i hear is - it had no face. *shrieeeeeeeeeeeeek*. The poor girl dived down to her car seat and desperately tried to call for her colleague a few cars away.... I heard the call went to voice mail *aiya!!!* Finally when she got him, he came over, it was not there. If it were you, what would you have done? i think i would have fainted.. By the way this is only 8:30 pm not like midnite

As a result of that - we had a very freaked out colleague. Needless to say, now about 1/4 of the company i work in now has heard the "story". However, this is not the only incident. According to one colleague, when we were working in a migration project, the guards reported seeing the same "apparition" appearing within the building going up the stairs on CCTV... ( I WAS BUSY CHECKING YOU TUBE to check got "evidence") or in the main car park.

Our security guard house- at the back is blocked and sealed off because the apparition used to frequent the place as well. Glimpses of this apparition is also seen in level 2 of the office, flitting as a shadow at the pantry of the office. This one, i can say i have seen once or twice... Larkee it never appear as one whole thing. I would have dieded.... Strange noises in the toilet was also reported.....

The result of this "haunting" has made a lot of people go home earlier, travel in groups to the toilet, so that they don't feel so scared.

Why am i posting of this? Got me thinking:
* Don't work so - hard - GO HOME 7 SHARP!
* This place, was used to be a forest, but hell we whack everything down and built new things. Probably we disturbed the balance there and these things have no place to go.
* Arghhhhhhhh it does freak me out a bit. Walking Contradiction and myself had to work late on Sunday, and driving past the dark underpass just was a bit too much for us. Imagination ran a bit wild for me.

Well- positive point- i have been going home at 7 now, no more 8 pm and more working nights for me. Not worth the scare. :) Anyone has scarier story than mine? Let me know.


  1. *Shieeeeeerrkkkkkkkk*

    All my bulu roma come up redi...

  2. Well. Must be an experience indeed.

    Can I go work in your company?

  3. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh muahahahahha!

  4. yikes, bulu really thankful no encounter for me.

  5. Walking Contradiction: kekekeke....

    Bacterium: Hmm, you don't have to work there - just drive around technology park loh.

    BBO: Very farnee.....:P

    Celine: Yah.. not good for you now leh to see this kind of stuff.



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