Sunday, 23 March 2008

It's all about the pork balls, not the chicken

I was busy digging up my PC for old photos of food which i have not blogged about. I have not been eating out recently, because i was quite busy and there is an austerity drive happening. Am saving up for this baby:
Neko's potential new darling. Potential, okay?

And also in a few days, i'd be leaving for the land of the rising sun for 8days of "ryoko(holiday)". Much as i love japan, i hate the tour operator(fruit like sounding company) we are going with but there is not much choice, since we have paid up and they actually offer the places in Japan which is more unique. Well, should make the most of it anyway. ^_^V. By the way, i am potentially visiting Oz land for Cousin Sarita's wedding. This Jetstar booking thingy is gee darn confusing (*-*)

Back to food blogging, i found some pictures taken in Ipoh way back on the famous Chicken rice and bean sprouts... only to find... the chicken was not the main pictures in focus.. Lo
l... Lousy photographer lah me.

This was around the time my cousins from Kangaroo land, drop back to Malaysia for their yearly visit. Cousin Flea is a fan of pork like me ( runs in the family ) and somet
imes when the big brood is back, my aunt has a hard time cooking for all of us. So we ... eat out. It's cheap to eat out according to the aussie folks. Of course. The conversion rate is GOOD for them. One thing we didn't like though was the place was w-e-t after a torrential rain that late afternoon. Ipoh is one place sloshing around post rain can be pretty ..gross.

There is this road in Ipoh which is famous for bean sprouts and chicken rice. An
d the shop is called Lou Wong. It's a corner shop, left and right are surrounded by yes, chicken rice shop. Ipoh chicken rice, is not the roasted kind, but the steamed style, with lots of soy sauce added to the chicken as a base sauce.

You can eat it with flat rice noodles or yellow rice. I am more into rice then the flat rice noodles. I need to savor the soy sauce ( lol - hair drops because of too much soy sauce ) Now, lou wong not only serves chicken but they have:

* These gorgeous pork balls as a side serving. They are minced pork with little bits of cuttlefish embedded into it. i could eat 10 of these at one go.
* Chicken feet. Ok, so i am not so into this but my parents, uncle and aunts love this. Must be the older folks are fond of this delicacy. Us young uns' are not too keen on chicken feet.
* Big fat ipoh bean sprouts which are fat and white. You seldom find fat a
nd white in KL, they only have skinny and long beansprouts in ipoh. The theory is that Ipoh water is some what better than the KL water, hence fat and white bean sprouts. I like fat and white bean sprouts :)

In this restaurant, er, the waiters are not really trained up as the fine dining restaurants. Cranky waiters come and ask you what to drink or shove a tray ful
l of drinks into your face and you select.

Waitress are slightly more friendly and try to ply all sorts of food into your face. My uncle, normally orders everything until we pop. I guess in Sydney you don't find as tasty chinese food as you do in KL, huh?

So let's get to the food. Ok, up first. Yes, star of the day for me, pork balls. Two bowls were ordered for the 10 of us. Nice and crunchy. I hate soft pork balls, but this is just right. The cuttle fish added to it gives it an extra flavor that goes very well. Ahem, i had about 6 of these before being glared at by others. So we ordered another bowl *shy* Oh, btw, you need to eat it with their chilli sauce. It goes very well together.

Fat and white!! Bean sprouts not the chicken. Doused in a healthy or rather unhealthy serving of oil, sesame oil, soy sauce and pepper. *Lup* I lups it even more when there is rice in which i can drown it with sauce.

Finally, the chicken makes a presence in the picture. Somewhere behind there. The chicken is quite tender and tasty, plus what true blue cantonese people call "wat" or smooth. No one likes to eat old and tough birds.

However, the bone bit is still a bit red which sometimes freaks me out a bit. I still prefer eating the chicken breasts compared to other parts of the chook as that is guaranteed less red ( with not much bone around ). My parents and relatives love the chicken feet from this shop. Normally they order about 2 plates when they come here and they usually finish it up. By the way, a family of 10, we whacked the whole chicken, 2 plates of taugeh, 3 bowls of pork balls and 2 plates of chicken feet.

I don't mind coming back here for more chick.., i mean pork balls and bean sprouts.

Those who mosey up to Ipoh from time to time, you can check out:

Restaurant Lou Wong
No. 49 Jalan Yau Tat Shin
Ipoh, Perak

You can't miss this shop. It is a corner shop with lots of people around By the way, if you go there at night, please be careful where you park. Surrounding areas have swallows - that make nests in the buildings. Unless you want your car to look ground zero... just look up before you park.. *curses*


  1. Yeah, the bean sprouts do look fat. I love bean sprouts a lot! Haven't been to Ipoh for chicken rice but the Ipoh Chicken Rice Shop in Jalan Gasing is good!

  2. buy it buy it (the nikon)... and join the DSLR gang...
    but really, the food blogs have got great photos, you may not need the nikon---

  3. love this chickens, delicious food!

  4. SugarBean: fat leh :) tasty as well. Yeah, i been to the Jalan Gasing one MANY years ago. Must make a trip to that one as well

    MC: :) HEHEHEHE thinking, thinking. thanks :) must save up $$ a bit first.

    BBO: Yeah man, Forgot to mention the chicken was pretty good besides the pork ball :P



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