Saturday, 2 February 2008


Sigh .... i feel so lazy at times.... I have been lazy to blog because .. well CNY is a round the corner. Work seems no stop recently due to the festive holidays. I swear in one day i have about 5 meetings. What's with people and meetings?..

By the time i hit home, i am pooped. But... here's a nice shot i took in Bangsar Village 2. FF and i went ( about 2 weeks ago ) on a clothes hunt in bangsar for the new year. We were utterly without new clothes for the CNY. While waiting for her, i thought i will take this picture... The security guard in BV2 thought i was up to no good. But seeing me topple upside down to take this, i think he suspected i was either 1) mad 2) some raving photog. I believe it was more of the later.

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