Thursday, 17 January 2008

Where's the Duck - Part 1 - My elephant

After hearing or reading so much about my elephant, it was time to actually make a makan trip there. I think the pictures by Lyrical Lemongrass was also another driving factor why we were actually craving to try this place.

So, we slogged through the usual weekday jam to actually make it to My Elephant before 7:30.... but the place was starting to get packed. I was late and Mashi was on leave so she started her orders for appetizers by the time i have reached ... LOL...

Fried Spring roll.....

Now, what dish were we craving for that day?? The duck curry of course. Many drooly pictures and a lot of good write ups, just made us want to try it. So the first thing we told the waitress was "Duck Curry" .... she gave us a rather sheepish look and said - "It's only available on weekends".... Both Mashi and i thought we had hearing problems so we asked again, and she shook her head sadly. Aarrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after all that jam and no duck curry??

Anyway, since we were here, we decided to try out other stuff first...I feel shy walking out of a restaurant once i am inside.....

We placed an order for Miang Kam ( is this the right term? ) It's also another appetizer that has some leaves where we need to add several other stuff into the leaves, fold it and eat it. It's like sireh i feel only much tastier. You need to top it off with the sweet sauce that comes with it. I opted out for the chilli padi as a i am not overly fond of very hot stuff. This is actually quite a refreshing dish, i find. The raw vegs as well as the leave makes it very light. More tasty then the western salads that i have been having.

What's in the wrapped leaf

Our orders arrived rather promptly, our first order was for Green Curry Chicken. One generous dip of sauce on our red rice and we were hooked. It's not like the Thai Green curry i had in australia ( those were supremely hot and not very tasty, not to mention expensive ) but this was just to my liking. I also noticed their brinjals were so tiny. According to my mom, that is the thai variety that we don't normally find in markets. Good choice of dish and especially a must if you like sauce + rice.
Uber hot soup

Next order was the soup with seafood in tom yam style. Remember what i said about super hot things. This was uber hot. Don't let the pale color fool you. I could feel the "heat" on my lips, mouth, and down to my tummy. With lots of seafood in the soup, it was quite a reasonable dish but the heat, no, no... hehehe maybe i should ask for the redder soup next time so it is not so hot. I could see steam coming out from everyone's ears. Not to say i won't try soup again here but something less fiery.

Their fried rice was actually something that you must try if you have a chance. This is the first time I have tasted fried rice with lychee. It does sound like a strange combination of salty, sweet and soft texture of lychee. Recommended you try this.
My brother was late - which is unusual, so we scooped food for him... but becks decided to play food decorator that day :) hehehe beautifully presented food in a plate..

Finally, desserts came. I must add, though the food is presented in small quantities, it turns out to be quite filling for us. So we had to share desserts for fear of exploding. Both mangoes ..... Well the choice is not alot but they look like authentic thai desserts. I have preference for the sago and mango. The yam, pulut rice and mangoes was nice but the yam with mango took me some time to get used to.

Aahh............ we were very happy after the dessert, The duck issue was forgotten - momentarily. ..... I guess my perception of thai food has changed considerably. Many thanks to LL for finding this gem :) It's reasonable, tasty - fast became my brother's favorite dining place.

However, the search for the duck continues.... watch for part 2 ........ when cousins and me go and look for more ducks....................

My Elephant
Block C-G4 Happy Mansion
Jalan 17/13, Section 17
46400 Petaling Jaya

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