Monday, 14 January 2008

Fong Lye @ The Gardens Midvalley

CG's serving of Jasmine and Oolong Tea - Pretty little cups and teapot

This is a few firsts for me. First time eating in one of the restaurants in the gardens and my first time trying Taiwanese Food! Fong Lye is a place i heard from my friend YY who says it's a value for money place. Costing around RM20+ and below for a variety of different dishes, initially when she brought it up i thought it was pricey. Today, i think i am completely over turned by this place!

Choices, Choices, Choices

Now, one thing i like about this, it is NOT like the hong kong char chan tengs around. I am not a big fan of those and i hoped this won't serve dishes like those. And it didn't. They have an amazing variety of dishes for you to pick from. I was the first to arrive in the restaurant, while waiting for Walking Contradiction & FF, i think i almost salivated from the smell in the restaurant, smell of pork roasting here and there. Luckily Walking Contradiction came over shortly, otherwise i would have expired from just thinking of the food. One more thing, check the menu out. It has so many varieties, the initial first few minutes, i was a bit stunned. Even choosing a drink got me a thinking for a while. I settled for the Iced Lime Juice, which was a good choice. Ada "uumph" - manage to convince others to get this as well. With sampling provided - LOL...

Iced Lime Juice- ... is that LIES behind the cup?

Appetizer's came next. I do regret ordering this because i am so full now.. :P But this spring roll is a bit different from the usual fried ones. It's like our local version only it has ... brown sugar added ( you feel the sweetness as well as crunchiness ) but also salted veggie ( ham choy ) .. weird combination but not too bad.
I don't think we 3 girls realized how big the serving was until they arrived. They were pretty large. Check out Walking Contradiction's 3 variety Supreme Chicken set. Can't figure out what the 3 was but it was large enough for us to help her polish off the chicken! And this is no camera trick, it is really this large. The rice, btw is topped with mince pork and bean paste. Followed by mini appetizers. This was not too bad, i am a bit suss though on what the veggie in the pot was, one bite and it tasted like licorice... Not really my fav smell but flicking that a way, the chicken was pretty well marinated.

Close up....

FF's braised noodles with beef. It was not as stupendously large like the chicken but still filling. Her only complain was it was a tad bit oil, and at the end of the meal, she was busy washing the noodles with soup. Taste wise not bad, but if you are watching the oil count, you might want to give this a miss.

Our vote for the day for most tasty dish - The Prawn Roll Rice Set. Ordered by mua... Yumz!!! Both the girls had one each and this concoction tasted "dim-sumy" as Walking puts it.. LoL... My must order again dish in Fong Lye.

Our mini appetizer that comes with the sets. Miniature Woo Kok and the cherry tomato is so cute!

Now, dish that is voted the most appetizing smell, the spare rib rice set. Wah... i should have ordered this!! When the waitress brought this, the aroma of roasting pork was just too much. Hehehe, i was a bit excited when i smelt this. If only blogs allow scratch and sniff. Verdict- Good from CG.

Finally, when we thought we could not eat any more, we shared their Taiwan Snow Mountain. Snow alright, it was huge, the 3 of us could not finish it. Also very good and it's nice to share with others.

I must say - we looked like the little girl in the tea pot after dinner. Interestingly enough, when i googled Fong Lye, i found that masak-masak has the same picture taken of the same girl. I think hers was the cup while mine was the pot. This place sets has a lot of cute and interesting things set out when the serve you so it may become a flogger's picture heaven as well :)

Do i look round now?

Other fans of Fong Lye are:
A little fat monkey

Mashi mentions there is another branch that has more varieties... so i am definitely making a second round here. Plaza Sentral people, only 5 minutes drive for lunch. Alternative options!

Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant
Lot T208, 3rd Floor The Gardens
Mid Valley City

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