Thursday, 22 November 2007

The KL Sentral Food update!

Postings have been bad because i am pretty much pooped after work these days. Looking like a beach whale is my normal position after work now.

Ladies and Gents.... the food life in KL Sentral has picked up a few notches... there has been opening of new food stalls not to mention some new outlets in KL Sentral as well as Plaza Sentral..... The upper powers has been kind to all of us.

1) In the whale shape building across KL Sentral but adjacent to Plaza Sentral: To be opening soon: ZEN. This building is supposed to house more than 1 eating area but i am not sure what else is opening here.

2) Plaza Sentral 1B- lord have mercy, another chinese food stall has opened!! It's not chap fan but it sells a variety of kuih - such as fun kor, curry puff, PORRIDGE. Yes - Porridge and fried noodles and all. I was surprise to see the sign PORRIDGE. All for a reasonable price of RM3. (Compared to McD's porridge)

3) According to my friend YY, new bread stall has opened within KL Sentral itself. Yeah- better breakfast for us ( if it opens early) and one of the alternative quick lunch options.

Yes, food life is definitely looking up in Sentral :)

Will be posting more tomorrow - as was out eating 2day. After some tough 2 weeks of not eating out-finally decided to splurge on reasonably priced japanese food in Damansara Utama, near uptown 33. Heard of hokano roll?? More ... tomorrow - lah. I sleepy. Too much carbs already


  1. Hey, even 3B also has a chinese stall selling bread and porridge.
    I think they open in all the blocks

  2. Heh.... so every block has food? I didn't know that

  3. hey, I heard that around KL Sentral there is a food stall that selling food for RM3-4. Not a breakfast food, but more to lunch or dinner food. Do you know where is at?



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