Monday, 12 November 2007

How to annoy your children and get away with it - Restaurant Hong Lim

Ok finally i have food post - lalala- sorry lah. Been so lazy to post... and i have been eating the same places recently so no point posting about the same food. Well this happens to be a same place as well that i have been before - just that my parents decided to be adventurous for once. I guess all my food jaunts has rubbed off them..

I came back to work with this sticking on my room door. Please ignore the off white color of my room door- i don't have time to paint it :P
I was having the usual questions mark popping up. You see, the famous Hong Kee tim sum has opened up a branch in USJ9, Yes, USJ 9. That is like 5 minutes away from my home. Dad know i was raving about this since seeing it on Precious Pea's website and other floggers. On top of it - when i saw it on Wah Lah Toi's One day 5 meals- i was even more excited.. 20% discount on the 7th of November when the shop's official opening is on the 8th. Eh? Isn't that some typo error? Anyway... i excitedly ask dad- can we go??? His answer:


His theory- the shop would be packed to the brim on first day opening. Aiya then don't stick this on my door lah.... Anti-climax onree.

True enough, after yoga- i drove past the shop to check it out. My yoga finishes at 9:00am - so it is still considered early... Well.. it was not only packed- there was a queue that can counter the JCO Donut Q! Wah.......................... Since i was rather disappointed- dad took me to Hong Lim. I have been hear about 3 times and so far - their dim sum is not that bad. This time around i didn't get shoo-shoo for taking pictures. Dad was a bit more open. hehehehe.

Round Satu- i pack the table with the usual fav

My parent's fav - Foong Chau- (not my fav) - must be good- they had 2 dishes

Normal Siew Mai- Yummy :)

Prawn Dumpling - look at the nice transparent skin

Fried Fish ball

I lup the texture of this- just nice and crunchy and not the soft kind compared to the other dish i am about to show you
Yu Mai- which is the steamed version. Not so good, the fried one was still better

Fluffy Char Siew Pau.
Supposed to be King Siew Mai -but turned out a bit Salty.

Empty plates at the end..

Some pics didnt meet the cut because - family was too gung ho. ATTACKED before pictures can be even taken.

Hong lim has other restaurants in Subang Area- heard of satay steamboat? hmm- i hope it is not as messy as porridge steamboat. While waiting for the Hong Kee craze to settle down- Hong lim is my next best choice of good dimsum. By the way- i only paid 37.20 for about 10 dishes - including the porridge and Chee cheung fun that never made the picture parade. I think it is pretty worth it! :) Check it out if you are ever in SS15 Subang. It is the same row as the EON bank.


  1. I'm seriously craving for dim sum now! Do they have an outlet for satay steamboat? Feel like trying it out!

  2. Yeah they do- can u see the add from the pic? otherwise i zoom for u. I havent tried it though but sounds interesting :P

  3. oh.. dim sum. dim sum..I'm already planning to hit Hong Kee this weekend! ah.. can't wait ;P

  4. Ah, I'm going too!

  5. christine/bacterium: darn :( everyone is going... never mind, will go sooner or later.

  6. I didnt know that they have open shop at USJ9. I normally go to Damansara jaya outlet. :)

  7. Satay steamboat? Sounds like satay celup from Malacca to me.

  8. FL Sam: Nearer for the Subang folks. As pack as the DJ outlet.

    Simon: Could be - have not tried yet. Might try it this weekend.



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