Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Neko Nihon iku-tsumori desu ( neko plans to go japan - part 3 )

I haven't been blogging alot recently.. ( what day is it today?? ) cause i had a lot of last minutes rocks being thrown at me. Unfortunately i could not throw it back... the seven habits thing is NOT happening to me!!

But after today's presentation to my financial committee, neko feels like "relaxing"..... No food blog today- run out of stories for this week. :)

The idea that has gotten me grinning is that Mashi and i are toying ( and have confirmed ) we r going to JAPAN!! Round 2 for mashi and Round 3 for me. This time lil bro' and Mashi's hubby ( becks - ROFL ) agreed to go. [ Boy, MASHI'S HUBBY Is so going to kill me if he found out i blogged him as BECKS ]

The plan is ... we are going KYOTO... AND IN APRIL - HANAMI SEASON!!! Just to tease everyone.....

This will be my third time to Japan but mostly i hope to spend more time in Kyoto this time around. I dunno why, but when i was in Kyoto last ( for only 2 short days ) i felt as if i have "come" home.. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... start saving money

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