Friday, 15 June 2007

Supernatural Season 2

Left-Right: Sam Winchester (Jared Padelecki) and Dean Winchester ( Jensen Ackles)

I spend a lot of time now watching TV if possible, firstly, the series has picked up! Secondly, hmm nothing to do nor. So what does a girl watch when she wants a good pick me up? Supernatural Season 2 of course. Check out the pick.. Girls- Drool. It is now in Season 2, season 1 previously mentioned before.

Frankly, this show has more kick to me than Prison Break. I find myself following the series pretty much like an addict. Dean is the main attraction for me. Besides his obvious good looks, (ahem), the way he protects and take care of his brother and his family, something of a good quality most girls will seek for. Note: He is as poor as hell and can have some really crude table manners. Sam, the younger brother is growing on me. I like the way he is the more rational and logical one of the two.

The series pick off after the car crash, the winchesters are seriously hurt in an accident. The first season opener is entitled "In my time of dying". It's a pretty sad episode, shed some tears in this one. Not to give away spoilers, please watch it yourself. The show is full of humor as well as lot of inhouse jokes you might notice if you follow series like Ghost whisperer etc.

What's griping about Supernatural: I like spooks- spooks follow me most of my life. I also like the fact they deal with issues as families within the same storyline. The jokes are pretty funny as well. I love the episode where Dean thinks that same only goes like "blah, blah, blah, blah" That was so childishly funny.

What's morally confusing in Supernatural: Dean is more of the one what will kill things on sight, while Sam is more the logical one that reasons out a need to kill someone. The fact Dean can do this without blinking sometimes makes Sam wonder if his brother is so used to this, he does it without thinking.

Funniest Episodes: Tall tales- where they met a trickster. The alien slow dance is hilarious
Saddest Episodes: Heart - meet a lycanthrope ( werewolf) both dean and sam cry in this. I cried as well *sobs* and the one called Roadkill- absolutely heart breaking.

I am at the last 2 episodes now, it's so exciting. (Waku waku shimasu) Dont take my word for it, go check it out. Supernatural is showing on AXN NOW- what day, cant remember i get from "supplier" one.

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