Sunday, 10 June 2007

Fusion Food @ Sri Petaling

This is a long delayed post, before i left for Ipoh. Was so busy with work and all, i didnt get a chance to post this up.

Neko Bro wanted to eat lunch again with me, having worked 3 days (him ,not me) in a row till 3am. Think he wanted something nice for that day. So i suggested a restaurant in Sri Petaling called Taste Walking. I know, i know, the name sounds grammatically off. However, to my suprise the restaurant decided to change it's name to Fusion Food. Which is more apt because that is what they actually sell by the way.
Neko Bro-working while lunching.

The menu is varied, there is Hong Kong style, Russian, Korean, local and italian all mixed up in one. However prices are reasonable and taste wise, not too bad.
Check the interior of ths shop, nice big pics of the food you are about to order.

Since it is only the both of us, so we didnt order much. Fusion Food, has very nice and interesting teas and drinks. They actually are pretty good in this area. Their drinks are fairly large for the price you pay, about RM4,5 and they taste nice. Not those artificial taste that sometimes prevail.
My honey lemon. Sounds ordinary, but they use fresh lemons and just enough "hunny"[ think pooh ]. I find this very refreshing. Was exteremely sleepy before that, but after drinking this, i was awake!.
My neko bro's honey lime. Hmm, i am not into this one, though bro gave his thumbs up. They use, asam to put into this drink, found it a bit weird for my liking.

I didnt get any pics of bro's Teriyaki Chicken, he gave it thumbs up only a bit small for him. He wolfed it down as soon as it hit the table.
Here's what i ordered. Lemon grass pasta in carbonara sauce. I normally dont take carbonara, and usually go for the hong kong style chicken rice ( ham yue kai fan ) when i come here. Decided to be different today. See the fish roe on top and the small crabs and small fish nicely decorated? It's interesting, the taste of the lemongrass and white sauce goes pretty well. But white sauce being white sauce, i found this a bit jelak if it gets cold.
Thought it was way too cute to eat the small fish and crabs. But i will stick to non white cream pasta next time :P Luckily i ordered Honey Lemon to get rid of the creamy carbonara. (More of a red pasta sauce person)

Anyway, if you are looking for a nice lunch, in a pretty setting and reasonably priced, check out Fusion Food at Sri Petaling. Located same row as Ho Ho Steamboat. Opens for lunch as well as dinner.

Fusion Food
Jalan Radin Anum Satu,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur,

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