Sunday, 22 April 2007

So how was the wedding?

My posting has been a bit erratic recently. Have not felt like writing much, well i do but not something i would want to publicly write about. My health has also taken a toll recently because of my other issues, so guess i have to take live less stressfully. Something easy to write about, easy to say but hard to do. Guess you can wipe away 6 months of memories as easily as you think. I will get over it i guess.

Anyway, maybe some other day and time i can post this up but not now.

Well, today's post is mainly about the wedding... Was great! Hand it over to people who work with 6 Sigma projects, it runs like clockwork. I am amazed that her wedding dinner, the guests arrived on time! Amazing.

Food was good, company was great. Like a massive reunion dinner for ex-***** staff and new. :) Happy to see all. I am still cleaning up the photos. Such a drag sometimes but hey... practice makes a better photog. :P

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