Friday, 23 February 2007

Getting EPF statements is like getting your passport done!

Ah... i thought it was safe to go to KWSP on a thursday to check my statement. It started out 6 months back when i realised that i did and have not been receiving my statement for many years when i started working in my telco company. I initially did get it first 2 years but some how *poof* no more statements. So after some confusing instructions, and deciding i still am a techie person - preferring to get all information without being depend on humans i wanted to:
  1. Get my balanced checked.
  2. Get my I-account so i can check my stuff online.
Neko-otousan being his usual indulgent self volunteered to fetch neko to Jalan Gasing's EPF building. It's the main one for PJ and next to St Francis Xavier Church. I thought since it still the festive holidays it will be easy peasy. I was WRONG!!

The place was packed! With people trying to check balances and trying to get home loans withdrawal. Every possible counter was filled up. Hackles at the back of my neck were standing!! So i queued at the information counter to get a #. Cos this is my first time there. I asked the harassed counter dude- where can i check my balance.. he gave me a zoinked out look and pointed to the E-KIOSK and also gave me a number..... This by the way took me 5 minutes to queue at the info counter.

Then i queued at the E-KIOSK. There are 3 booths only 2 is working. The I-account check was like empty man. e-KIOSK queue was like worse that then 4D Q during closing time. Actually it is a very simple process of inserting your smart card and putting in your thumb print for a scan and get your statement.

However i realised not everyone is tech savvy. Some how or rather there are people who either do not understand instructions are lacking in thumbprints to get themselves scanned. This took another 45 minutes to get to the Ekiosk for my turn. Neko Otousan was at that point of time becoming impatient. Many smses were sent to find out "R U Done??".

Wah- by the time it was my turn, i cud purr.... The process took 2 minutes. Suspect the thumb print scanning could be indexed or fastened up. *Tada* my statement is out! (ooh, can buy my 1st house already) However!! :( the missing portion in the statement was my address!! i want to know where is all my statements going to!! Arghhhhhhhh i am not Q-ing anymore!! I walked out in a huff.

I feel that there are pros and cons of E-KIOSKS for EPF statements:

* Fast - and does not require human manning.
* Simple and easy to use. The instructions are pretty self explanatory.
* You can get your i-account pin code at the same time from the same machine! Not bad.

* More machines to handle customers. 3 machines in one building is really sad.
* Breakdown crew to help get machine up. The staff of EPF were at least not blur. When they saw the lines snaking up, some voluntarily collected IC and directed customers to another counter.
* Would be good if they have a person around helping out people who are really techie-blur. The poor security guard was roped into doing that.
* Could you print out my billing address? Such information should be available on the form as this is a service we do not require us going to a counter to ask for it.

I think i will continue using this service. It's good, fast and hassle free for me. Only that EPF should consider having e-kiosks at other places besides EPF building. I mean, at least it wont block up the whole place in Jalan Gasing :)

Moral of the Story: If you think CNY break no one is in KL doing stuff like that- you are SO wrong! Cos, a 100 other people has the same idea as you!


  1. well yesterday theStar reported the immigration office was fully packed with parents & kids to make / renew passports so I'm not surprise on the EPF office :)


  2. hey yy: yeah- even the old man queuing up behind me said so! :) Sigh i am trying again on monday so i can get my i-account



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