Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Beef Ball Noodles @ Bandar Sunway

I eat beef. I love beef actually. Because I need iron most of the time and cant take too much of it in tablet form, I naturally have to eat it in it's cooked form :). Dont get me wrong- i dont eat like tonnes of beef daily but my ration of once a week is naturally satisfied either by mom's cooking or by weekend dinners with my parents. One of my most favourite comfort food - beef ball noodles. Been searching KL/PJ for this dish. There are a few good ones but this is one closest to my home that i like best. Beef Ball noodles at Bandar Sunway next to Sunway pyramid. This is not the pale kind of beef ball noodles but the dark soup kind :)

Bro and i found this by accident one day after watching Curse of the Golden flowers. He was not interested in the food in Sunway pyramid so we walked across to the Chinese shop next to One Academy to get some food. Initially we were looking for Kampar Fish ball noodles and suddenly chanced across the Beef Ball Noodle stall. Eureka!

There are 2 servings, small and large. We took small first in case it sucks. Regretted leh- it was delicious! It comes with beef mince and 4 beef balls- the springy kind. They didnt have mee hoon that day, ( which would taste even better with the soup ) but we settled for flat mee. This dish reminds me of the shop in KL, in petaling street called Soo Kee which sells Beef Ball noodles in a small and hot corner shop.

Along with the Beef ball noodles, comes the chilli which is a must. I wallop this dish in minutes and was truly satisfied. Even finished up the soup much to Neko Okasan's annoyance. "Too much Ajinomoto" - is what she will say. It's the dark soup that I like very much !!

For a dish that costs around RM4, worth a bite. Note that the restaurant is exteremly noisy and extremely hot and during lunch hours in weekdays are crowded with students from One Academy. He does take out.

Location: Bandar Sunway
Address: Restaurant Meng Tian on Jalan PJS 11/28A.

Neko's verdict:
Tastiness: ***
Service: *
Price: ***, cheap eats
Will Neko come back here: Yes, neko loves good beef ball noodles!

* - Very Bad
**- Bad
*** Ok
**** Good
***** Fantastic! Sugoi!

P/S: Photo is taken using Nokia 6670. How ah?

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