Saturday, 27 January 2007

Tokyo - ikkimashita-Part 2

The other post started to sound like an essay so i thought i better split it up..... Back to the shinto wedding. After the procession finished, there was this little girl in kimono that came running up!!! I could not resist the picture of her as she is so cute!
She seems to be looking for her mother that had already gone ahead before her. Kawaii desuka? After seeing all the children there, i thought they were really cute!! :)

After spending about an hour in Meiji Jingu, mom and i got hungry, we left the shrine and went to harajuku. Actually, you dont have to worry about food being expensive i
n japan. There is of course expensive food but then you can get cheap snacks in 7-eleven and all the combi's lining tokyo. They sell buns, quick meals for less then 1,000 yen. After a quick snack, we stopped at Harajuku. Think my mom's eye's popped out here.

Harajuku is extremely crowded on a saturday. Kids from various walks of life, come here, get dressed in strange outfits and just hang out. I mean check out the photo below....and this stuff is not cheap. Anyway it was good fun. my neck hurt after looking at all this things. If you want to get cheap t-shirts and really cheap make up- harajuku has a lot of this as well. Other places you can get this is Shibuya, another shopping district.

After lunch, we made a stop to Akihabara..... wah... i almost went mad here. The electronics district of Tokyo and also ANIME district... If mom was not so tired i would have spent all my yen in japan here. Arrgh- a honey and clover restaurant!!! I was so excited to see this!! My favourite of all time. The second picture, is one of the long streets selling anime. It was a 7 story building selling all sorts of Anime stuff. Ground floor was the latest, while the rest had all sorts of different stuffs. If you look at the left side of Photo 2, there a gundam flag poster on the streetlight poll. There was some gundam festival going on in December 17 ( cant remember ). The 3rd pic on the right is the streets of Akihabara. Stuff is really cheap here but please note that Japanese batteries are different from the ones in Malaysia so sometimes buying this stuff back, you need to consider how to get your batteries for later.

Mom was tired after all that train hopping and walking so i dropped her back to the hotel and made a trip to Yasukuni shrine. I stayed in Kudanshita through out most of my trip ( it's a very convienient place to stay ) and Yasukuni shrine is about 10 minutes walk from the hotel. What's so famous about Yasakuni jinja? Well it is the world war 2 commerative shrine where some of the war criminals of World war 2 is interred here. You can read more about this from

Every time when the former Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi visited this, it was caused controversy for China and Korea. I didn't visit it to cause controversy but i wanted to see the shrine for myself to see what it was all about. The Shrine main and front entrance is framed by Steel Toriis. This for me was quite an overwhelming visit. I find this place extremely sad and gloomy. Possibly because of all the history that is buried within this place. Unlike in meiji jingu, i said a quick prayer, i felt i didnt want to do this here. I left after 30 minutes here.

Well, i want to end my blog on the japan trip with a happier note, here ar
e some random shots :)

Left to right: Neko and mom in front of the imperial palace. (It was cold that day - nya). Mashi, her mom and us together enjoying our Nabe dinner in hakone. i love the mushroom steamed rice. Sweet. And the Japanese Inu - Akita. Check out the curly tail! This was at Gotemba park. He was waiting for his owner that day. Such a nice obliging doggie.

Those of you all considering a trip to Japan- do take it. Though it costs about RM4,000+ depending on place and season, you will find this place worth the visit. The experiences you get here is wonderful!! Minna-ikkimashiyou! :)

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